1. The owner and the administrator of the website is Janusz Szcząchor.
  2. Our website is not currently collecting any private personal data of its users except for the specified by the user in her/his email correspondence.
  3. The information about users we collect is anonymous and serves only the correct functioning of the website. It is not available to anyone in any commercial or free way.

What information we collect and for what purpose?

  1. IP addresses
    They are collected using public server or client technologies for technical and statistical purposes.
    Our website does not use this technology. At the same time the administrator of this website assumes no responsibility for action in this matter by hosting provider, i.e. Abc Hosting Ltd.
  3. Browsers
    Using the technology of client areas service collects the following data: date and time of visit, identifier of the visited website and its referer and also information about your browser and operating system.
  4. Hosting server
    Our service records all data sent to the server to ensure correct functioning of the website.

Intellectual property

  1. All content placed in this website is available free of charge provided it is used for private purpose, for personal study. Using it for any commercial purpose is prohibited.
  2. The copyright of contents published in this website is owned by Janusz Szcząchor. Any quotations from other authors used in these texts are indicated by giving the author and source.